Wednesday, January 18, 2006


From Rubik's Cake to Spam

♦ Woman cooks Rubik's Cube cake!

♦ Asking People To Hit Reload Is A Felony?

♦ Under attack, spammer begs for mercy

Have you seen the kids who do rubik's cubes blindfolded?
I was just looking at Technorati and saw a link to this blog entry. I clicked on the link and ... woah... I saw a picture of myself appear!

I notice the text says 'Woman cooks Rubik's Cube cake!' I didn't actually cook the Rubik's Cube cake in the picture. I did, however, eat some of the cake and it was very nice.

I do also know many people who can do the cube blindfolded. I haven't tried this yet. I generally only solve the cube without a blindfold.

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